Is Zoysia the Most Green Grass in Florida?

January 15th, 2013

GSE_Zoysia_JaMur_grass_LDJaMur Zoysia grass is gaining popularity as a home lawn grass. It has some cool characteristics that have been driving interest in the cultivar, especially as the "Green" movement picks up steam and as drought conditions continue in the Tampa Bay area. The most significant of these characteristics is the turf's drought tolerance. In fact, the turf earned an acknowledgement from the Florida Green Building Coalition for displaying exceptional drought tolerance. If you are working towards a "Green Home Certification", the selection of JaMur Zoysia will now earn you certifying credits (Category Two: Water/Drought Tolerant Turf [2 points]).

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Is that a Worm Eating Your Lawn?

January 01st, 2013

worm_damage_circles_2Understanding the Lifecycle

As turf-damaging moths fly over the lawn and landscape, they drop tiny eggs onto the grass canopy. These eggs hatch into small caterpillars, and they begin to feed on the grass leaf blades. Eventually the worms pupate into moths, and the circle of life continues.

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Disease in your St Augustine or Zoysia Grass?

December 20th, 2012

Disease_in_Captiva_St_AugustineNot (always) so serious...

Among the most commonly found, easily identifiable, and least devastating diseases you will find Grey Leaf Spot. This fungus creates small circular grey legions on the leaf blades. It usually does not kill the plant, but it can hurt the aesthetics of your lawn. Once the disease has been controlled or has abated naturally, the turf typically rebounds in short order. The leaf tissue that has been damaged only needs to grow out long enough to be mowed off, and then the turf looks anew. Some instances of this pathogen are so mild that they may not even require a fungicide treatment. The plant will simply maintain its aesthetics adequately enough that no one will notice it, or the disease will simply run its course.

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Tampa Ants are a Problem

December 15th, 2012

goldfish_ant5 Things You Must Know About Your Ant Problems in Tampa.

1) Tampa's sub - tropical climate supports some ant types that have invaded from other countries. In some cases these have no natural predators so their populations are more capable of becoming gigantic. The fire ant is an example of an imported ant. The painful fire ant bite is enough to get your attention.

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Lawn Watering Restrictions in the Tampa Florida Area

December 05th, 2012

grass-turfWatering Restrictions

** This information may not be up to date. Please see the Hillsborough County website to verify that this is the most up to date information. **

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How Long Should I Water My Tampa Lawn

November 16th, 2012

Setting Proper Run Times for Irrigation System Lawn Watering

Tampa home owners ask us often how long they should water their St. Augustine grass or Zoysia grass lawn?” Determine how long to run your irrigation zone by following these basic steps:

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Customer Referral Program

November 01st, 2012

GSE_silver_bug_with_logoEarning Referral Discounts - Effective 4/1/12

Do you love our Indoor Pest Control Program or our Premium Lawn Care Program? Why not share it with your friends? When you refer your friends to us, you receive a $25 account credit. Sharing with friends is fast and easy, and there's no limit to how many friends — or how many $25 credits— you can earn.

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