Are Carpenter Ants Living In Your Home?

September 10th, 2018

Carpenter Ants Are Carpenter Ants Living In Your Home?

Carpenter ants are widely misunderstood creatures that are often blamed for causing the same structural damage as termites. However, carpenter ants are actually only attracted to wood with existing damage. Are they living in your home? Here are the signs and possible methods of control you should know.

What Are Carpenter Ants?

Carpenter ants are one of multiple varieties of ants found in Florida. The specific types of carpenter ant found in the southwest are the Buckley and the Emery. As the largest ants found in Florida, carpenter ants are hard to miss as they forage or fly indoors and outdoors.

Unlike the wood-damaging black carpenter ant found in Florida’s panhandle, the Buckley and Emery carpenter ants simply seek out existing rotten wood for their nests. They also love sweets and will forage at night for any signs of remaining sugar and moisture in a household. Since carpenter ants forage in large numbers, this can be incredible unsettling for homeowners. Contrary to popular belief, these ants cannot sting. The most they will do is pinch slightly with their mandibles, but even that isn’t likely.

How to Eliminate Carpenter Ants with Pest Control

If you have an infestation in your Florida home, you might find them indoors or outdoors. Interior nesting sites commonly include wall voids, under attic insulation, under bath tubs, in wood furniture, and around skylights and windows. Frequent exterior nesting sites include old dry wood termite galleries and wood objects that have sustained rotting damage.

DIY eradication of carpenter ants is not recommended due to their nature. It is best to hire a pest control company experienced in directly treating ant nesting sites. By targeting the nest, the brood, queen, and workers can be killed at one time. This requires watching for trailing ants during their peak foraging hours in order to follow them to their nests. It is important to only use a small amount of insecticidal dust or spray, as too much can actually make the issue worse.

Eco-Friendly Ant Removal in Tampa Bay

Ant removal takes an experienced eye and practiced patience. By trusting your carpenter ant removal with a professional from Green Solutions Lawn Care and Pest Solutions, you will know that we are tracing ants to their source and removing them accordingly. As a result, the ant infestation will be eliminated and you can regain control over your environment. Call (813) 684-7336 today to get the pest control help you need.