Common Lawn Diseases in Florida

January 20th, 2022

Common Lawn Diseases Common Lawn Diseases

To maintain the maximum aesthetic and health of your lawn, it’s important to know what lawn diseases most commonly affect us here in sunny Tampa Bay. Early identification of problems can be the difference between a minor fix and needing a new lawn entirely. Below, we briefly discuss three of the most common lawn diseases that affect Florida lawns:

Brown Patch Fungus

Moderate heat paired with high moisture levels can lead to this common Florida lawn disease. Look out for yellowing grass that spreads in a circular pattern, often with a darker colored ring surrounding the circles. Brown patch fungus is easy to remedy if caught early by applying fungicide, limiting nitrogen, and reducing moisture in the area.

Fairy Rings

The name may sound magical, but trust us, this fungus is nothing like your favorite fairytale. Fairy Ring fungus leeches nitrogen from the roots of your grass, causing small rings of grass to first turn dark green, then brown as the grass dies. Small mushrooms will sometimes appear at the edges of the circles as the fungus slowly kills the grass.

Fairy Ring fungus also spreads a substance called mycelium over the grass, giving the appearance of cobwebs when hit with early morning dew. As this mycelium dies off, it falls to the ground and hardens, preventing water from reaching the grass roots, which further damages your lawn.

Fairy Ring fungus is notoriously hard to get rid of, as it has likely been in your soil for 2-3 years by the time you notice it. Applying targeted fungicide and consistent lawn care practices are the best way to deal with Fairy Ring fungus.

Dollar Spot Fungus

Named because it starts with small circular spots no larger than a silver dollar, Dollar Spot fungus quickly and mercilessly takes over the entire lawn, killing the grass right down to the root. Dollar Spot can also be identified by the “infection marks” it leaves on the grass blades, turning reddish-brown, to tan, and finally, to white before finally dying off.

Once Dollar Spot fungus takes hold, applying fungicide to control the spread and replacing the affected grass is the only option. If not fixed early, Dollar Spot will quickly take over your entire yard.

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