Is Your Home Protected from Fire Ants?

February 07th, 2017

Though regular black ants are pesky, unwanted house guests, they don’t inspire fear or anxiety in homeowners. Fire ants, on the other hand, have an entirely different connotation. If you live in an area where fire ants are common, it is critical that you utilize regular pest maintenance to protect your home and your family from these angry pests with painful stings.

Basic Facts About Fire Ants

Unlike black ants that are present just about everywhere, fire ants are easily spotted thanks to their reddish coloring. Fire ant colonies produce large mounds to feed on young plants and seeds, and they can even attack and kill small animals that come across their path. For humans, this translates into a painful sting when the fire ant grips the skin and injects a venom known as Solenopsin into the body. Most people compare the sensation of a fire ant’s bite to being burned by fire, which inspired the name. As an invasive species, fire ants are far more aggressive than native ant species and can survive in extreme conditions.

When a human is stung by a fire ant, the most common result is a painful and irritated red bump that disappears after a few days like a mosquito bite. However, some people are sensitive to the venom, experience anaphylaxis, and must go to the emergency room immediately. Fortunately, many first aid medications and home remedies can minimize the pain and discomfort of red ant bites.

Red Ant Pest Control

It’s important to take preventative measures for red ants in order to minimize or eliminate the potential for red ants to form a mound on your property and begin biting. Controlling red ants is not a simple or quick procedure since simply spraying mounds with chemicals or boiling water will simply encourage them to relocate closeby. This means that the best red ant control requires baits and other insecticide materials across your entire property.

Green Solutions Lawn Care and Pest Control offers customized red ant treatments that control fire ants year round using knowledge of their behavior and habitat patterns. They are so confident in their treatment methods that they offer a 12-month retreatment guarantee. Call them today at 813-684-7336 to get a free estimate and begin protecting your property and family from these unwanted pests.