Stop Fleas from Infesting Your Home: How To Do It

June 20th, 2018


Stop Fleas from Infesting Your Home: How To Do It

If you have a pet, you understand how obnoxious and troublesome fleas can be. They come in waves after Florida’s rainy season, which means you are likely to find fleas on your pets and in your home right now. Unfortunately fleas cannot be entirely prevented, but strategic precautionary measures will minimize the potential damage that they can cause. Here are the main tips that you should know!

What Are Fleas?

Fleas are dark, tiny pests that jump from one place to another and feast on the blood of cats, dogs, and even humans. Though they are capable of spreading the Bubonic Plague, the most common effect is allergic reactions in pets and humans. Since flea saliva is an allergen, they cause painful, itchy red bumps. Unfortunately, fleas are difficult to eliminate once they have infiltrated their home. These tips will help you keep them out of your home as much as possible.

Protect Your Pet

Since fleas love to make themselves at home on the skin of your cat or dog, using a topical or oral flea treatment is one of your first lines of defense. Be sure to choose a medication with two active ingredients. This ensures that your pet is protected by a growth regulator that serves to break the reproductive cycle. It also helps to rotate your flea treatments with different products, since they can build up a tolerance in as little as nine months. If these medications keep fleas far away from your pet, then you have a much higher chance of keeping your home flea-free.

Don’t Forget About Your Home’s Exterior

It’s important to pay attention to the outside of your home as well. Getting rid of leaf piles and keeping your grass thick will reduce potential flea infestation sites. It’s also important to keep your yard clean of pet droppings, since fleas are immediately attracted to pet waste. Keeping the exterior of your home free from fleas will also protect the inside of your home.

If You Find Fleas, Act Immediately

If you do discover a flea infestation in your home, immediately vacuum all surfaces and empty the canister outside. Complete this 3 times a day to remove eggs and reduce the overall flea population. Throw all linens into the dryer on the hottest cycle possible in order to kill any fleas lurking in your blankets and towels. Check your pet for fleas multiple times a day, and give him a bath to kill off stubborn fleas.

All of these measures should help your home remain safe from fleas, but if they aren’t enough, professional help might be necessary. The sooner you call Green Solutions Lawn Care and Pest Control in Tampa, Florida, the sooner that pest experts can help you eliminate fleas once and for all. Call (813) 684-7336 to learn more.