Identifying Lawn Disease

August 10th, 2018

Identifying Lawn Disease Identifying Lawn Disease

A vibrant green lawn plays an important role in defining your home’s curb appeal, but unfortunately there are many lawn diseases that can threaten the integrity of your grass and diminish your curb appeal.

Take-all Root Rot is one such disease that targets warm-season turf grasses, so it’s important to recognize the symptoms and take action immediately to protect your Florida lawn.

What Is Take-all Root Rot?

Also known as Bermudagrass decline, Take-all Root Rot occurs as a result of frequent and heavy rainfall that puts turf grass under stress. Florida homeowners can expect to see this disease most frequently in the summer and early fall when the state receives most of its rainfall.

The damage caused by Take-all Root Rot prevents turf grass roots from absorbing a sufficient amount of water or nutrients from the soil. This also makes it harder for the plant to store the products of photosynthesis.

How to Recognize Take-all Root Rot

Since this is inherently a disease of the roots, it can be difficult to identify at first. You need to look directly at the turf roots to identify Take-all Root Rot in its early stages. However, as soon as the grass endures additional stress, symptoms appear on the leaves:

  • Irregular and yellow patches on the lawn
  • Roots become very short, black, and rotted
  • Irregular patches of thinning grass

How to Handle Take-all Root Rot

Unfortunately, this form of root rot is difficult to control or stop once it begins. It is best to prevent and minimize stress to your turf grass as easily as possible to decrease potential damages. Use the following tips to enhance the health of your sod all summer and beyond.

  • Mow turf grass at the correct height during the summer
  • Never remove too much turf grass leaf tissue in a single mowing
  • Apply fertilizer that has a balance of nitrogen and potassium
  • Minimize use of herbicides, especially on St. Augustine grass.

Call the Experts

If you aren’t sure how to address your diseased turf, call (813) 684-7336 to schedule an appointment with Green Solutions Lawn Care and Pest Control. The Tampa lawn care experts at Green Solutions will help you beautify and preserve your outdoor landscape, even in the face of Florida’s harsh weather.