Help! Insects Are Coming In Through the Drain!

November 10th, 2018

Insects Are Coming In Through the Drain!Insects Are Coming In Through the Drain!

Most of us don’t pay attention to the drains in our home until a clog develops. We pour some Drain-O down pipes and hope for the best. You might make the mistake of thinking you can ignore the unused drains in your guest bathroom or garage, but think again. It’s actually possible for insects to enter your home through your unused drains.

The Anatomy Of Your Drain

Take a glance below your kitchen or bathroom sink, and you will see a U- or S-shaped curved pipe that comes down from the drain opening. This portion of the piping is called the drain trap or P trap.

Every time you use a faucet, the drain trap maintains a small amount of water in the trap. This standing water helps to seal the drain and prevent sewer gasses from entering the home.

Unwelcome Guests In Your Unused Pipes

You don’t realize how important the P trap is in your pipes until it stops serving its purpose. When you don’t use a drain regularly, the water inside of the drain trap dries out, leaving your pipes vulnerable and unprotected.

One especially unwelcome guest is likely to crawl into your unused pipes and get cozy in empty drain taps: cockroaches. These bugs are clever creatures who will use any possible entrance to invade your home. Since dry drain traps are easy entrances, cockroaches quickly take advantage.

Fortunately, this problem has an easy solution. Run water down seldom-used drains on a regular basis to keep the drain trap filled. That one preventative measure will significantly minimize the roaches that make their way into your home.

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