Identifying Termites in Florida and How To Prevent Them

February 10th, 2021

Identifying Termites in Florida and How To Prevent Them

Identifying Termites in Florida and How To Prevent Them

Termites are also known as “silent destroyers” and for good reason. They can thrive undetected in your home, consuming wood and other plant materials, for months or years. Since termites don’t cause immediate signs of damage, they can cause extensive damage to home foundations, furniture, shelves, books, and even trees.

This is why it’s so important to identify termites and learn how to prevent them with the help of professional pest control. 

About Termites in Florida

One single colony of termites can hold more than one million termites. These highly destructive insects are capable of causing thousands of dollars in damage to your home or business. 

The two most common species that impact the Tampa Bay area are subterranean termites and dry wood termites. A few less common types include damp wood termites and conehead termites. Subterranean termites live in soil and construct tiny channels through which they carry the food they forage.  

Termites are known for making a meal out of anything wooden—from a fallen log to the structural foundation of your home. 

Tampa Bay Termite Prevention

Termite removal needs to occur as soon as you realize that termites are threatening your home or business. The longer you wait, the more expensive and extensive the damage will become. 

Start with these simple prevention options in your home: repair leaking faucets, eliminate standing water, keep vents clear and open, and keep firewood away from foundation spaces. 

Pay especially close attention for these pests in the spring months. This is when large numbers of winged termites tend to emerge inside homes triggered by rainfall and warmer temperatures. 

However, DIY measures alone can’t keep termites away forever. It’s critical to rid your home of termites using professional pest control like Green Solutions Lawn Care and Pest Control. 

The Green Solutions team uses eco-friendly pest management products to keep you and your family safe while still completely eliminating your termite threat. 

Call Green Solutions Lawn Care and Pest Control in Tampa Bay today at 813-684-7336 to save your home from the devastation termites are known to cause.