Indoor Pest Control in West Florida

August 04th, 2015

goldfish_antFlorida’s tropical climate is nothing short of delightful to many people. Unfortunately, unwanted guests are also attracted to our state.

We aren’t talking about distant cousins or opportunistic “friends,” but bugs. Bugs love the tropics and flourish in the heat and humidity.

Anything Outdoors Can Fly or Crawl Inside

Indoor pest control should go beyond the indoor pests everyone knows about—cockroaches, ants—and recognize that outdoor critters can and do come inside.

Take an inventory of home repairs that may be giving pests a route inside.

  • Flies, mosquitoes and gnats take advantage of rips and holes in window and door screens
  • Gaps around windows and doors practically invite spiders and other crawling insects
  • Crevices, holes, and cracks in walls provide access and shelter to a number of pests
  • Water from leaky faucets and slow drainage attract palmettos

It’s easy to fix these problems. Most windows and doors come in standard sizes so replacement screens can be found in local hardware stores. Cracks and crevices can be filled in with caulk and painted over. Leaky faucets often need new seat washes. And weather-stripping can fill gaps under and around doors.

Start cleaning out junk that piled up. Insects and their larvae love to nest under piles of newspapers and other paper/wood products.

Professional Extermination Gives You a Head Start on Cleaning House

Now that you’ve sealed off entry points, call in a professional exterminator to handle bugs that are already inside.

Green Solutions Lawn Care and Pest Control in Tampa specializes in ridding homes and offices of critters that got in. Our solutions treating the areas around the perimeter and include installing barriers. We also treat plumbing lines and thoroughly inspect the building and grounds for unseen infestations. We apply environmentally safe and organic applications indoors and outside.

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