Insist on the Following from a Florida Pest Control Service

November 04th, 2014

If you are in the market for professional pest control services, you have to be very careful.  There are many service providers out there.  Unfortunately, not all of them can meet your needs.  In fact, many are fly-by-night operations and you’re basically just asking for trouble by doing business with these companies.

The good news is that by doing your homework and paying attention to certain details, you can spare yourself from unnecessary drama and dealing with substandard companies.  The reality with any kind of service market is that as long as there is a demand there will always be shady operators looking to capitalize on that demand.  There will always be people that will try to take your money. 

Try paying attention to the following factors and you will go a long way in avoiding the Florida pest control service providers that you need to avoid:

Duly licensed and bonded

You have to insist that the company you deal with is properly bonded and licensed.  It’s probably bonded and has the right licenses with the State.  Any company that deals with potentially harmful chemicals, have to meet the minimal State standards.  Keep in mind that when a company is licensed doesn’t mean that it automatically qualifies the company to handle your case.  This is just the starting point.

At the very least, it sets a very minimum threshold for the company to meet.  Now, if the company can’t even meet this minimal threshold, this should be a sign to you that you shouldn’t do business with such a company.

Handled cases like yours before

Every pest control issue is different.  Your house is different, located at different part of town.  There are many different variables.  If you are dealing with a pest control service that has only dealt with one particular type or limited set of pest control situations, you might not be dealing with the right company.

For example, if the pest control company specializes in outdoor issues or has only dealt with outdoor pest control, you might be at a disadvantage if your situation involves indoor pest control.  I hope this is clear.  It is not enough that you deal with a company that’s based in Florida.  It’s not enough that you’re dealing with a company that handles pest control; you have to work with a company that has handled cases like yours.

Works with your schedule

You’re busy, you have a hectic schedule.  Make sure you deal with the service provider that’s willing to work with your schedule.  Too many service providers insist that you work with their schedule.  That doesn’t say volumes about their customer service orientation.  It’s always a good sign when you’re dealing with a company that is more than willing to work around your schedule.

Proper gear

One key hallmark of a truly professional organization is when their staff members use the proper gear.  We’re not just talking about the proper equipment, but also the proper clothing.  You don’t want to deal with a Florida pest control service that flies by the seat of their pants.  You don’t want to deal with the company that uses some random operations and random equipment to take care of business.  Sure, the bugs may be gone for a while but what’s the point if the pests come back after a short period of time. Insist on the proper gear from the indoor pest control service you’d like to do business with.