Is “Green” Pest Control Really Green?

November 20th, 2020

Pest Control Really Green

Is “Green” Pest Control Really Green?

What does it mean to be green? Kermit would say it is lonely, but we say it is the absolute best approach for anything in your home, from cleaning to pest control. But what does it really mean? Does being green mean that the products are safe for your family? Or does it mean that they are safe for the environment? Or both? It really depends on the individual definition. But for our products, it could be either or both.

Pest control using green organic materials

When a pest control product is green because it is composed of organic matter, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is completely safe for every household. Organic products are green because they break down into harmless compounds through natural decomposition. Some green products, like disathamous earth, are organic but can be dangerous for children and pets when ingested in large amounts.

Even though you can buy these green solutions for pest control easily yourself, it is much better to have our experts come apply them. Disathamous earth can be completely safe for your household when used appropriately, in the correct areas and in the minimum amounts. 

Pest control safe for your family

Other pest control methods may not be 100 percent organic or biodegradable, but can be a hybrid of such materials and chemical insecticides. The goal behind such treatments is to offer an effective, non-toxic solution for families. 

To further prevent any unnecessary chemicals from being introduced to your family or pets, the most effective measures are to control pests from outside the home. These measures can also sometimes be considered green if they are mostly organic or biodegradable, and they do not enter the home environment.

If you have a young family that you need to protect, contact us today to discover the best eco-friendly and green non-toxic home pest solutions.