Common Signs of June Bug Infestation and What to Do

August 20th, 2020

June Bug Infestation

Common Signs of June Bug Infestation and What to Do

It happens at least once every summer. You’re sitting out on your porch enjoying the cool summer night air, when suddenly something small and roundish smacks your face. Were you hit by your neighbor’s Nerf gun? Nope, it’s just a June bug! June bugs are very annoying because they are drawn to the light and warmth of your home. But even though they are harmless to you and your pets, they can be a danger to your lawn, garden, and trees.

Why Do June Bugs Matter?

June bugs live on vegetation, and they can consume very large amounts. They also breed quickly and can overtake your property in no time at all. The longer the June bugs are on your property and the larger their colony is allowed to swell, the more damage your lawn will sustain. It could be potentially devastating and definitely expensive.

What are the signs of June bugs?

Even though it happens every summer, June bugs don’t make their presence known every time you go outside at night. Here are some signs that you have June bugs ruining your property.

  • Brown patches in the lawn
  • Digging in your yard as small animals search for June bug grubs
  • Holes being chewed in your plants or trees

If you experience a June bug infestation, you want to get it fixed as quickly as possible. Contact us right away for fast service.