Do You Have Some of Florida's Most Common "Uncommon" Weeds in Your Yard?

September 10th, 2016

53104073 - southern crabgrass also known as digitaria ciliaris growingLife in Florida certainly comes with its perks: you enjoy mild, comfortable weather while those in the north freeze into icicles every winter, you don’t have to look more than a few feet to find a swimming pool, and palm trees thrive on every corner. However, weeds also thrive in the hot and humid climate. From crabgrass and doveweed to dollarweed and nutsedge, you’ve probably seen it all in your yard at one point or another. However, as nature evolves, new weeds form in such quantities that they outrun the information provided in online weed guides. The following weeds are easy to confused with known weeds that look very similar. It’s best to rely on an expert lawn care company when determining the best way to eliminate these weeds from your garden.

Artillery Weeds

Also known as artillery ferns, these weeds are perennials with small green leaves and a fern-like appearance that burst through to disrupt your landscaping during their short lifespan. Although an individual artillery fern is short lived, the species in general is able to germinate and grow year-round in Florida. Studies have been done to identify the best pre- and post-emergence control methods, so speak to your lawn care company to find out more.

Clear Weeds

Clear weeds go by the more formal name of Florida pellitory, and they thrive in shady, wet areas. Not too hard to find in Florida after a storm! Due to the leaf shape, clear weeds are easily confused with chickweed, but their stems and flowers are very different. While clear weeds have translucent stems, chickweeds definitely do not.

Tassel Flower

Weed experts believe that the rare tassel flower is becoming more widespread throughout Florida. These weeds have seed heads similar to those of dandelions, and they are usually purple, pink, or red. Like the dandelion, seeds spread with the wind.

If you want to keep your garden and lawn clear of weeds, ask your lawn care service to keep an eye out for these increasingly common weeds.