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A Guide to Green Pest Control and Lawn Care

February 24th, 2015

rotor_in_st_augustineWhen it comes to using “green” methods of pest control and lawn care, there can be a lot of dispute as to what this means exactly. In a world where more people are making efforts to be environmentally conscious, “green” can be a term that implies many different things. For indoor pest control, these practices tend to revolve around a more in-depth approach to extermination that includes prevention and education. The same can be said of “green” lawn care practices, which employ what could be called smart and more environmentally sound methods of maintaining a lawn.

How “Green” Pest Control Compares

In terms of pricing, using more organic methods can often be cost effective when it comes to indoor pest control. Pest control providers do not simply follow the old school methods of extermination, which simple dictate to kill anything unwanted with a bunch of chemicals. Green techniques center around identifying the source of the problem, educating the homeowner about ways to make their home less hospitable to infestation and employing organic solutions that work for both their budget and desire to be environmentally friendly. The education given to homeowners not only helps reduce the need for further pest control services, it can also empower them to help make their home more resistant to other forms of pests as well. The most important aspect about “Green” pest control to understand is that it may require a bit of patients, as well as trial and error to find what works best for the pest in question.

“Green” Lawn Care Starts With The Sod

By working to prevent potential lawn problems, it is possible to have a beautiful and verdant lawn all year round in Florida. The key is choosing resilient species of grass that can naturally resist common problems, such as insects and fungi. Outside of choosing sod, making use of combination products that both encourage plant life and deter pests is one way the many lawn care services can cutback on the use of organic chemicals. No two yards are the same, which means that an environmentally friendly service plan can entail quite different services, even from neighbor to neighbor. When combined with in home prevention services, lawn care that includes pest control measures can maximize the effectiveness of organic indoor pest control routines. With effort and education, it is possible to have a pest free home and pest controlled lawn without using a lot of harsh and environmentally damaging chemicals.

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