How June Bugs Can Damage Your Well Manicured Lawn

July 20th, 2020

June Bugs

How June Bugs Can Damage Your Well Manicured Lawn

June bugs scare small children, irritate front porch sitters, and generally cause mayhem. Even though these insects are completely harmless to humans and animals, you still need to get rid of them as soon as possible. They can damage your lawn, landscaping features, and gardens in short order.

Adult June Bugs Damage Trees and Grass

Adult June bugs that infest your property can cause a lot of damage to trees and grass, as well as other plants on your property. They can eat at the leaves and bury themselves in the soil. They can cause brown patches of grass in your lawn, and they can damage the bark of trees, making them more susceptible to disease or rot.

June Bug Grub Worm Larvae

The young June bug larvae are even more destructive to your grass and plants than their adult counterparts. Young grub worms bury themselves in the soil and feed off of the roots of the plant life on your property. If the infestation grows, the root systems of whole patches of grass, plants, or shrubs might be killed off.

Annual Maintenance Prevents Damage

June bugs are adequately named because they are primarily seen during the summer, but you can have June bugs on your property at any time of the year, especially in Florida’s tropical climate. Once you start seeing the damage to your landscaping features, it is too late for home treatments. Contact a pest control specialist right away to get the June bug infestation under control and keep them at bay year round.

If you have a June bug problem, contact us today for assistance.