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Low-Maintenance Landscaping Ideas To Transform Your Yard

July 20th, 2018

Landscaping IdeasLow-Maintenance Landscaping Ideas To Transform Your Yard

Your yard is meant to be enjoyed, but without attractive landscaping it is nothing more than an unusable space. You don’t need to commit to a lifetime of ongoing maintenance in order to enhance the appearance of your yard. Thanks to the following simple landscaping ideas, you can transform the aesthetic appeal and function of your yard with ease.

Create an Outdoor Living Space

There are so many benefits to creating an outdoor living space, one of which is the fact that the living space will limit the amount of landscaping you need to do. Whether you opt for a patio with a portico cover, a screen room that shields you from the sun and rain, or an outdoor kitchen that sparks up your cooking options, your outdoor living space can serve an important purpose while also making your life a bit easier.

Add Beds of Mulch and Crushed Stone

Mulch and crushed stone beds can be very handy. Mulch, for its part, actually breaks down to fertilize your plants and prevent weeds. It does all of this for a low cost and only requires replacement every spring. Plants thrive in mulch, so you can enjoy more vibrant colors in your yard. Crushed stone makes a great alternative to mulch because it never has to be replaced but still looks neat and sophisticated, especially in hotter, drier climates.

Plant Lavender and Other Low-Maintenance Plants

If you can only choose one plant, choose lavender. This beautiful flower offers a relaxing floral aroma and only needs to be watered once or twice a week in dry climates. It even serves as a natural bug repellant, so it’s a great choice near doors and on patios.

Potted plants are also perfect because they are versatile and can add a burst of color to your yard without the need for extensive maintenance. They’re easy enough to move around, so you’re never stuck with something you decide you don’t like.

Work With the Professionals

With these simple tips, you can create a beautiful, colorful yard without adding more stress to your plate. Just be sure to work with a professional pest control and lawn care company to protect the beauty and integrity of your landscaping.

Green Solutions Lawn Care and Pest Control serves the Tampa area to help customers beautify and preserve their outdoor landscapes and keep their indoor dwellings pest-free. Call (813) 684-7336 now to make your appointment.