The Perfect Lawn is Within Your Reach

December 15th, 2015

lawn careSeason after season, many homeowners face the same grief of wondering what they are doing wrong to make that luscious green grass grow everywhere but their own yards. That neighbor with the perfectly manicured yard isn’t a grass-whispered, he simply knows a few secrets that help him maintain that beautiful lawn. Try the secrets yourself to find just how effective they are!

Be Proactive

The best time to fight weeds is… before they arrive! Don’t wait until your lawn looks like a crabgrass festival before applying products. A pre-emergent herbicide can actually stop weeds from rooting in your lawn before they even germinate.

Eliminate Immediately

For the weeds that wormed around your proactive measures, apply a granular weed control product as soon as you see the first sign of those weeds. The longer you wait, the more they can spread.

Mow- Lots!

Your schedule might not appreciate this tip, but mowing your grass high and simply mowing more often can prevent grass damage while also making it harder for weeds to root. Mowing the grass short may be a time saver if you know your next few weeks are busy, but you won’t be doing your lawn any favors in the long run.

Make Sure Your Mower’s Blades are Sharp

Just like scissors or knives, dull mower blades do damage that lends the lawn a grayish-brown look. Sharpening should occur once a mowing season to be safe.

Water Before Work

Early morning watering helps keep your grass hydrated in the sun of the afternoon. Nighttime watering, on the other hand, sometimes causes disease because the moisture remains on the grass until the next afternoon. Also, wet grass isn’t watered grass. Effectively watered grass is soaked through the soil.

Now that you know the tricks of the trade, you can give that neighbor of yours some competition.