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Proper Lawn Watering 101

September 10th, 2017

It’s no secret that your grass needs water to remain vibrant and healthy, but that isn’t as easy as it sounds in Florida. Due to a combination of Florida’s year-round heat and tendency to endure droughts, water is a vital yet very limited resource that must be used strategically to keep your lawn in optimal condition. Use the following tips to develop and maintain a purposeful and realistic lawn watering schedule for your own yard.

Watering Frequency: It’s All Relative

There is no magic irrigation frequency that can be used on all lawns with equal success. The irrigation frequency of your own yard can only be determined by your grass species, the average rainfall in your area, your geographical location, and other subtle details like soil type and shade presence. Once all variables are taken into consideration, a watering frequency schedule can be developed. For example, St. Augustine grass with six-inch roots can go 8 to 28 days between watering in the winter in Pensacola, but the same grass can only last 3 to 10 days between watering in the winter in Miami.

How Much Should You Water?

Though your irrigation frequency should change each season, the amount of water per irrigation session does not need to vary. You will know that you are using the appropriate amount of water to irrigate when only the turfgrass root zone is wet, the soil is not saturated, and water does not run off. Shallow watering and excessive irrigation both threaten the root system of the grass, so the best solution is to apply between ½ and ¾ inches of water as soon as your grass begins showing drought stress.

Water In the Morning!

You don’t want to water your lawn when you return home from work in the evening or after your family has eaten dinner. The very best time to water is in the early morning hours. While watering during the day causes waste to evaporation, watering in the late morning will force the lawn into an extended dew period that causes damage. Similarly, watering your lawn at night will force the water to sit overnight until the morning sun, which places your lawn at serious risk of mildew and other problems.

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