Tampa Ants are a Problem

December 15th, 2012

Tampa Ants5 Things You Must Know About Your Tampa Ants Problem. 

1) Sub - tropical climate supports some Tampa ant types that have invaded from other countries. In some cases these have no natural predators so their populations are more capable of becoming gigantic. The fire ant is an example of an imported ant. The painful fire ant bite is enough to get your attention.

2) If your property backs up to a conservation area or a body of water, you might be in for serious trouble if you end up with ant activity in your home. Close proximity to bodies of water and conservation lots can limit the treatment options that a professional would usually have at his disposal. Treating into conservation areas can be highly restrictive or completely out of the question. You might see a black ant, a red ant, a flying ant, or just an ant hill. If ants have heavily colonized the conservation lot behind you, expect to be constantly fending them off.

3) Ants are not typically classified as a "filth" nuisance pest. You don’t have to do anything wrong necessarily to end up with an ant problem in the house. In other words, it is not like a German cockroach that must have filth in order to thrive. Ants can just take a mind one day that they are coming into your home, and then they just do it.

4) Some of the most troublesome ants are capable of creating new colonies through a phenomenon known as "budding". This involves at least one queen leaving an established nest along with enough workers to support a new colony. Examples of these ants are pharaoh ants, ghost ants, and argentine ants. In some cases this budding occurs inside of structures. Improperly treating for ants with this tendency can also force budding inside a structure.

5) Weather can instigate ant movement. If the seasons are changing, or if it is the beginning of the rainy season and you are noticing a new ant problem, you might want to call a professional ant killer before things get more complicated.

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