Now That Your Zoysia Sod Is Installed

February 01st, 2013

Zoysia Sod Is InstalledWhat you need to consider now that your zoysia sod is installed.

Some people learn the hard way that zoysia is not a completely perfect grass. It does have problems from time to time. Issues like fungus, soil pH management, over fertilization, and weeds can be difficult for an amateur to tackle. Like it or not, taking the do-it-yourself path is not the safest bet. You stand the best chance of protecting your investment by hiring a professional that has a proven level of expertise in zoysia care.


Here are 3 reasons you should hire Green Solutions to take care of your new zoysia lawn.


  • We earned two Bachelor of Science degrees in Turf Grass Management from the University of Georgia and Auburn University. You won’t find another company in the area that can match our education in turf grass.
  • We have worked with zoysia grass since 1991. From golf courses to residential properties, we have the experience.
  • Our zoysia care program covers all of the things your zoysia needs, including fertilizer, soil ph testing and adjustment, and control of insects, weeds, and diseases.

Remember that zoysia is a slow-growing grass, and if it is damaged it does not recover quickly. Your best bet is to be proactive and try to prevent issues from occurring. That’s where we come in.

If you would like a no-obligation estimate and analysis of your zoysia grass lawn, simply click here or call us at 813-413-5033.

You can read more about the advantages and disadvantages of zoysia grass in Tampa lawns by going here.

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