Types of Year-Round Mosquito Protection & Why It's Needed

November 10th, 2020

Year-Round Mosquito Protection


Year-Round Mosquito Protection

Mosquito season really never ends in Florida. Unfortunately, we will deal with some mosquitoes year-round, no matter where you live in the state, but there are some ways that you can reduce mosquitoes in your yard and even your neighborhood. Instead of focusing your efforts only on controlling mosquitoes during outdoor activities and the summer months, you need to take a year-round mosquito protection and reduction program.

Natural mosquito reduction

The first and most important thing you can do to prevent mosquitoes from overrunning your property is through natural reduction. The state of Florida expects all homeowners to do their part to reduce mosquito populations in the neighborhood. Natural mosquito control includes things like:

  • Eliminate sources of standing water.
  • Keep water features like pools or ponds clean and water free-flowing so that it does not become a source of standing water that breeds mosquitoes.
  • Invite the right birds and types of frogs to your yard. These are predators of mosquitoes and can help naturally control the population (somewhat). Bird feeders or a pond are very attractive to both.

Mosquito treatments for infestations

If you have a mosquito infestation on your property, you may need pesticides to rid your home of the vermin. The state requires homeowners to try other measures before spraying chemicals to reduce mosquitoes, but we also offer green mosquito control solutions that are effective and eco-friendly.

Controlling mosquitoes year-round

Even when it is not the height of summer, you still need to have the right kind of pest control at the right season. Fall and winter months do not preclude the presence of mosquitoes, especially in Florida, but it is the time when they are the least active. It is also when most larvae are laid. The use of mosquito bait traps can kill off nests of larvae so that the new season brings even fewer of the pests.

If you need help addressing the mosquito problem in your area, contact us today for more information or to get started with an estimate.