How Large Aggressive Mosquitoes May Decrease Local Mosquito Populations (Psorophora ciliata)

August 10th, 2020

Aggressive Mosquitoes

How Large Aggressive Mosquitoes May Decrease Local Mosquito Populations

Did you know that the most annoying and aggressive mosquitoes in Florida are actually being used to eliminate other mosquito populations? Here’s why this bizarre mosquito control method can actually work and why the method still needs some work.

What Are Psorophora Ciliata Mosquitos?

These mosquitoes are actually among the most aggressive of those species commonly found in Florida. Most homeowners are quick to take action when these mosquitoes arrive on their property. They are actually better known as gallinippers, and the bites from these huge insects are quite painful.

Why would you intentionally bring them on your property?

So if these mosquitoes are so large and aggressive, why would you intentionally bring them onto your property? Well, the answer is actually uniquely simple.

These large mosquitoes aren’t just aggressive toward humans, pets, and animals. They are also aggressive with other insects, particularly other mosquito species. That means that when you have these insects on your property, you’re going to rid yourself of the other pests that are already annoying you.

But does it really work?

In truth, using aggressive mosquitoes to eliminate other species populations can be effective, but problematic. After the gallinippers decimate the other insect populations, you have the chore of eliminating them from your property as well.

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