When Will We Finally Be Free of Mosquitos for the Year?

October 20th, 2020

Free of Mosquitos

When Will We Finally Be Free of Mosquitos for the Year?

While most of the country gets to enjoy an abatement from mosquitoes by this time of year, you might still be finding yourself slapping them away while enjoying a social distancing visit at your home in Tampa. When will we finally be rid of them for the year?

Unfortunately, Florida has an extremely long rainy season that usually lasts from about June through October. This rainy season is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes due to the standing water and high temperatures. But even from November to May, it is always over 50 degrees, and there seems to be standing water somewhere attracting them.

This year the problem was made even worse because the rainy season started in mid-May and is just nearing its end going into November. If weather patterns continue to change in that regard, mosquitoes will become an even bigger problem in the “off season.”

So if you can’t get a break from mosquitoes at any time of the year, how can you keep them away? It takes some careful planning and professional pest control maintenance to keep your home mosquito-free. Some solutions you might consider include mosquito traps and preventative measures (such as eliminating standing water).

If you really aren’t sure where to turn but you want to spend more time outdoors this year, contact us to learn more about our green solutions for your pest control needs.