Organic Fertilizer for Pennies

June 01st, 2013

5494223_m Let's face it. Organic lawn care is an investment. A worthy one, no doubt, benefiting the environment, your home value, and the aesthetics of the place you hang your hat. But like many things of value, there is an initial investment of time and money. Wouldn't it be nice for a few pieces of the organic lawn puzzle to fall into place for free? Recycling grass clippings does just that.

No longer considered a form of waste, grass clippings have been proven to be a respectable and effective part of turf management. It packs a hefty nutritional punch of nitrogen and other nutrients as the grass dries out and decays, enriching the grass plant and surrounding soil.

Mulching mowers can speed up the process. These machines chop the grass into a fine powdery substance and are recommended by “You Bet Your Garden Radio's” Mike McGrath. “Mulching mowers pulverize clippings into an almost invisible powder that they then return to your lawn,” says Mike. “A powder that’s 10% nitrogen; about as high a natural number as you can get. Returning that nitrogen to your lawn provides half the food your turf requires in a given year!”

How to Begin Grass Recycling

Get Rid of the Lawn Mower Bag

Doesn't your mower feel so much lighter now? Simply allow the grass-clippings fall onto the turf.

Let the Clips Fall Where They May

You'll only need to intervene with heavy clumps. Separate large piles into a thin, even layer.

Know You're Reducing Landfill Waste

Yard debris counts for as much as 20 percent of landfill waste. Who knew?

Use Your Current Mower or Upgrade to a Mulching Mower

Recycling grass clippings works marvelously with any type of mower. But you can also invest in a mulching mower.

Grass clippings offer nutrients, value, and are a super green solution. Good for your wallet, yard, and community – everyone wins!