Ants Trailing Into Your Soffits? Here’s What You Need To Know

November 20th, 2018


Here’s What You Need To Know About Ants Trailing Into Your Soffits

Soffit is an important part of the exterior design of your home. This part of your building’s roofing system serves an aesthetic and functional purpose by covering your eaves and preventing rafter beams from being fully exposed.

Since soffit is available in such a diverse range of styles and colors, you can use it to instantly add character to your home while still protecting rafters from weather elements and letting your home breathe.

However, soffit can have its downfalls. White footed ants are known to sneak into homes to forage for food by crawling through soffit. Here’s what you should know about this problem in order to protect your home from an unwanted ant infestation.

All About White Footed Ants

Multiple varieties of ants exist, but there are many species found predominantly in Florida, including the white footed ant. Officially known as Technomyrmex difficilis, the white footed are not dangerous - they don’t bite, sting, or cause structural damage - but they are a nuisance nonetheless.

White footed ants create super colonies. They reproduce in large numbers since half their entire colony is composed of fertile, reproductive females. You are most likely to find these foraging for food in your kitchen to bring back to their nestmates.

They prefer to nest at ground level, which is why your soffit offers such a convenient way for them to sneak into your home. The foraging ants create trails as they travel, and you may find signs of these trails if you inspect your soffit or surrounding roof.

How to Combat an Ant Infestation

It’s not enough to combat white footed ants with ant traps on the floor. You need to hire an experienced pest control company with the tools and detailed understanding of ant behavior.

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