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Chemical Pest Control Vs. Biological

April 20th, 2021

Chemical Pest ControlWhen pests threaten the safety and comfort of your home, professional pest control becomes an immediate necessity. There are many different forms of pest control, including biological and chemical. Depending on your home structure, family situation, and personal preferences, you may choose one over the other for ongoing pest management. 

What Is Chemical Pest Control?

Chemical pest control uses man-made chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides to eliminate, kill, and prevent pest infestations in and around your home. This is a relatively inexpensive method of pest control that needs to be reapplied seasonally for best results. 

Some of these chemicals kill pests upon contact, while others disrupt the pests’ ability to reproduce. Some even limit physical growth or impede the pests’ behavior to ensure that they never return. 

Most chemical pest controls work quickly and effectively, but as a result, they may place your own health at risk. Many people worry about the environmental implications of so many chemicals as well. 

What Is Biological Pest Control?

Biological pest control is considered the more natural version of pest control because it uses other living organisms to kill pests. No chemicals are involved, which makes this method safer for children and pets. 

Though biological pest control takes longer to deliver results, it maintains results for a longer period of time than chemical pest control. Popular methods include:

  • Targeted placement of materials outside the home
  • Botanical extracts
  • Boric acid
  • Diatomaceous earth
  • Baits

How To Find the Best Pest Control in Tampa

Green Solutions Lawn Care & Pest Control serves all of Tampa, Florida, with strategic, family-friendly pest control to ensure that you don’t have to share your living space with anyone but your family. 

Our team uses a variety of indoor and outdoor pest control services that are designed to meet an array of “green” needs and fit within different budget constraints. Even with the worst pest problems, like Caribbean Crazy Ants or German roaches, we can often find a safe solution.

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