Bug-Free Living: Ridding Your Home of Insects, the Natural Way

April 30th, 2015

Insects: Ridding Your Home, the Natural Way

If you’re worried about bugs in your home, one solution is to buy some pesticide and spray it upstairs and down. However, we personally wouldn’t recommend this! Many pesticides are just as harmful for humans as they are bugs, and some are also a little inhumane to the insects.

Natural Bug Deterrents

Fortunately, there are plenty of natural steps you can take to discourage insects from getting too comfortable in your house. Here’s just a few great ideas.

1)    Tidy up. If you’ve got piles of old newspaper lying around, or wood-piles in your garage, be warned. These types of environment are havens for bugs; as they provide plenty of shelter for them to hide in!

2)    Keep it clean. Food crumbs, overflowing garbage cans and fruit left out in a bowl all act as powerful magnets for hungry bugs. Instead, make sure you sweep and vacuum the floor regularly, take the garbage out before it starts to spill out and keep any food in airtight containers, rather than in open bowls or plates.

3)    Lemon and mint. It’s a very strange phenomenon, but most bugs really cannot stand lemon or peppermint! As a result, if you’re concerned about insects in your home, squeeze some lemon juice around the doors or buy a mint plant for the kitchen.

4)    Fix dripping pipes. Insects, like any other creature, need water to survive. Some actively like the damp. If you’ve got a leaking pipe or any drips anywhere, make sure to get them fixed.

5)    Plant lavender. Lavender is another plant that seems to deter many insects, plus it has the added benefit of smelling beautiful on a summer’s day! Plant near the entrances of the house to act as a further deterrent.

Have the Bugs Already Moved In?

If the insects have already started to infest your home, it’s time to take serious action before the problem gets out of hand! Talk to Green Solutions today on 813-684-7336, to find out how we can help tackle the issue.