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Here Comes the Summer - and the Bugs! A Guide to Florida's Most Problematic Infestations

April 07th, 2015

Florida's Most Problematic Infestations

As things heat up, it can only mean one thing; summer is on its way again! Sadly, whilst the summer is a great season in Florida, it also means something else; bug activity will be on the rise…

What are the Top Bug Infestations?

If you’re a resident of Florida, you’re probably already more than familiar with the insects that like to set up home in your backyard or house. Here’s just some of the more common ones.

1)    Fleas. Most commonly brought into the house by pets, fleas like the warmth and often choose to settle in rugs and carpets. They can bite, so it’s important to deal with the problem as swiftly as possible.

2)    Bees. Bees are obviously really important for our planet, and should be protected. However, if they decide to build a hive in your property, this can be really problematic, particularly if anyone in your home is allergic to bee stings!

3)    Rats. Rats like warmth, food crumbs and places to hide. If you’ve got rats in your home, this can cause real issues in terms of contaminating food stored in cupboards. They also like to gnaw through electrical wires and leave droppings around the house.

4)    Termites. They may be small, but termites can do incredible amounts of damage to your property. It’s estimated they do around $1.5 billion of damage across the US each year!

5)    Spiders. Unfortunately, some of Florida’s native spiders are poisonous; such as the brown or black widow, or the recluse. If they move into your home, they pose a serious threat to your family, and as a result, the infestations should be addressed quickly.

Dealing with Infestations

If you’ve got a problem with infestations, it’s time to take action! Get in touch with Green Solutions today at 813-684-7336. We’ll make sure your property is free from bugs and safe for your family to enjoy.