Detected in Florida: Eastern Equine Encephalitis

August 20th, 2019

Equine EncephalitisMosquitoes can carry a number of diseases, some more serious than others. One of the rarer diseases that mosquitoes carry is eastern equine encephalitis. This disease has recently been discovered in chickens in the state of Florida. This means that mosquitoes in the state of Florida may carry this disease.

What Is Eastern Equine Encephalitis?

This disease is one that doesn’t often affect humans. Typically, animals such as horses and chickens can get the disease from mosquitoes. However, a small percentage of humans can and do get the disease. This disease is very deadly, causing an infection in the brain. It is very important that you protect yourself and your family from mosquitoes in Florida while this disease is possible.

What You Can Do

When you are out and about in Florida, especially near a body of water, you should use insect repellent on yourself and your children. Make sure you cover all of your body, except your face. This will make it much less likely that you or your children will be bitten by mosquitoes while you are enjoying your vacation or holiday.

You can also protect yourself and your family at home. If you have wet areas on your property that attract mosquitoes, you should treat your property for mosquitoes to eliminate the risk. This way you will not need to worry about insect repellant just for your children to go outside and play. There are many treatments available to control and eliminate mosquitoes from your property.

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