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Final Feed Mosquito Bait: Revolutionary Advance in Mosquito Control

May 10th, 2019

Final FeedThe manufacturer Univar is introducing a new revolutionary mosquito control bait that could be a game-changer for households and property managers everywhere. This new mosquito control, called Final Feed mosquito bait, uses natural ingredients backed by science to rid your property of mosquitoes once and for all.

What is Final Feed?

Final Feed is a new mosquito bait that uses natural ingredients backed by science. Garlic has been known to work as a mosquito repellent and killer for centuries, and this has been proven to be effective by recent scientific studies. The bait uses garlic to suppress the blood appetites of mosquitoes, killing most of them quickly.

This is a two-part compound that is used to attract and kill mosquitoes in the area. Natural sweeteners are used to attract the mosquitoes to the bait, causing them to ingest it. Within the bait is microscopic molecules of garlic, which will kill most mosquitoes within one to two days and limits their blood appetite (keeping them from biting) until they finally die.

How Effective is Final Feed?

Final Feed is an extremely effective mosquito control measure. Studies have shown that this compound can decrease mosquito populations by up to 90 percent within two to three weeks. In addition, Final Feed is completely safe to use in most areas, although you do not want to use it on flowering plants. The formula is highly concentrated, and is diluted when it is applied to your property. You can treat quite a large area with a small amount of concentrate.

If you are worried about mosquitoes this summer season and the diseases they can carry, contact us today for more information about how we can help you control the mosquito population on your property with new Final Feed mosquito bait.