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Florida Set to Contract with Pest Control to Fight Mosquitoes

August 10th, 2016

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As the Zika Virus becomes a growing threat in the continental United States, Florida’s governor Rick Scott is making efforts to curb mosquito growth before it gets out of hand. Miami-Dade County in particular is being targeted for mosquito control due to the multiple confirmed cases of Zika in that area.

Zika in Miami-Dade

As of the end of August, two more individuals have been diagnosed with the Zika Virus in Miami-Dade County in Florida, bringing the total number of cases to 30. Unfortunately, these cases are more concerning because they are both the result of local transmissions. This means that the mosquitos carrying Zika are native the United States, rather than in past cases when someone was infected in a different country and then returned to America. The Florida Department of Agriculture has been busy testing more than 25,000 mosquitos for Zika, and none have come back as positive yet.

According to Governor Scott, “While we have learned there are two new individuals that contracted the Zika virus through mosquito bites in our state, we still believe local transmissions are only occurring in an area that is less than one square mile in Wynwood.” The Department of Health has a huge task in fighting Florida’s mosquitos to make sure that area in Wynwood does not grow.

Pest Control Efforts

The Florida Department of Health has a great deal of work to do. The governor explained to the press, “DOH will continue to review and fulfill any necessary requests the county may need for mosquito control to continue fighting Zika. DOH has also coordinated mosquito control experts from around the state to provide guidance to Miami-Dade County on best practices for mosquito control. Today, to ensure the county has every possible tool to fight Zika, DOH will be sending in additional commercial pest control companies to assist with local mosquito control efforts in Miami-Dade County.”

It is critically important these mosquito-deterrent efforts are done professionally and effectively, as the health of many Floridians is at stake.