Hillsborough County Offered Free Mosquito Fish to Reduce Mosquito Population

September 10th, 2019

Mosquito FishThe Hillsborough County Mosquito Management Division works with the Tampa Bay region and the rest of the county to reduce the mosquito population and make the area safer from mosquito-borne illnesses. To that end, they have several different programs throughout the year that are designed to help resolve this problem.

This summer, this division of the county offered residents in six different areas the ability to get free mosquito fish to reduce the mosquito population in the area. The mosquito fish were distributed in July, August, and September. The initiative seems to be working, with fewer mosquitos in the area.

Why Mosquito Fish?

Also known as Gambusia affinis, are freshwater fish that eat mosquitoes. You can place them in birdbaths, backyard ponds, and any other stagnant water source that attract mosquitos. The mosquito fish will greatly reduce the adult mosquito population in the area and very quickly.

You can get your own mosquito fish from stores in the Tampa Bay region for sale. It is a good idea to get some of these fish and put them in areas on your property where you have standing water. This will help you prevent your family from getting mosquito-borne illnesses that are prevalent in summer and fall in Florida.

If you need more information about how to fight mosquitos in your area, contact us today for more information.