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Mosquito Control 101: A Guide to Dealing with Florida's Worst Pest

May 10th, 2018

Mosquito Control 101

Mosquito Control 101

Mosquitos are the ultimate outdoor nuisance, especially in Florida’s hot and humid weather. You shouldn’t have to rely on candles and bug spray to keep mosquitos away from your deck as you celebrate with friends or relax with your family.

You can give yourself some peace and comfort this summer by hiring a company to perform professional mosquito treatments around your property. When you hire a company that uses the highest quality pest control products to perform a periodic barrier spray, mosquito bites will stop being a required side effect of spending time outdoors.

Periodic Barrier Spray

This is the most popular form of mosquito control because it is applied around the entire perimeter of your property. An efficient and thorough pest control company will utilize a detailed treatment protocol to reduce your mosquito population, which includes treating all vegetation like trees, bushes, and shrubbery from the ground level up to ten feet. The undersides of leaves, foliage, decks, drainage spouts, standing water, and other common mosquito hideouts should also be carefully targeted.

Demand CS: Advanced Pest Control Technology

The Demand CS technology is an advanced formula that utilizes a unique capsule suspension to deliver maximum, long-term results. The active ingredient is enclosed in microcapsules of various sizes, and when sprayed into likely mosquito habitats, the smaller microcapsules release the active ingredient quickly for immediate control, while the larger microcapsules remain intact and release the active ingredient later for lasting control.    

Better yet, the microcapsule technology protects the active ingredient from harsh conditions like UV rays and pH extremes that might otherwise degrade its efficiency. Demand CS keeps mosquitos at bay by entering each mosquito’s cuticles. It can even control 30 other insects like spiders, ants, flies, wasps, fleas, and bed bugs without causing odors or stains.

Don’t Rely on DIY: Get Help From the Experts

Some things make great DIY projects, but keeping your property safeguarded from bothersome mosquitos isn’t one of them. For the best results, reach out to a family-friendly and environmentally-conscious company like Green Solutions Lawn Care and Pest Control. Call   813-684-7336 to schedule your first treatment and take advantage of seasonal specials.