Red Imported Fire Ants - An Unwelcome Interloper

August 15th, 2013

One of the biggest causes for concern in Florida yards, parks, and school grounds is the red imported fire ant, which has become much more prevalent than the native fire ant that is sometimes also found in the state. Aptly named because of its excruciating, venomous sting, it is very aggressive. Animals and people who inadvertently trespass on a fire ant nest can receive multiple stings, sometimes even hundreds.

A fire ant’s sting raises a pimple-like blister with a white center. If the victim is allergic or sensitive to the venom, the sting can cause an extreme reaction, which may lead to deadly consequences. If a person experiences unusual symptoms after being stung by fire ants – shortness of breath, excessive swelling, abnormal perspiration, slurred speech, nausea, or chest pain – a trip to the nearest emergency room is mandatory.

A Double Threat

Obviously, no one wants to allow these pests to exist near their family or pets, so a professional pest control service is the key to keeping your home safe from them not only outside, but also inside. Although you most often spot those tell-tale mounds of dirt in open areas in the yard, they may also hide their nests under rocks, logs, patios, and other shelters. When the rains come, they will often pick up and move indoors to find shelter.

Fighting Fire with Fire

Some homeowners might want to take the initiative and get rid of a fire ant problem themselves, but in most cases that would be a bad idea. A pest control professional will know the best method to use in attacking the problem without being attacked himself. He knows the best time to catch them when they’re less active, and he knows the type of treatment that is most effective in eradicating them once and for all! Just think of him as a fire ant exporter.