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When to Start Thinking About Mosquito Prevention

April 10th, 2020

Mosquito Prevention

Most people think of mosquitos as coming out in summer, but in reality they come out much sooner in Florida. In fact, you could start seeing mosquitos on occasion as early as February. As the weather warms throughout the spring and into summer, mosquito populations will increase.

Mosquito Prevention

Mosquito prevention is very important to the health and safety of you and your family. Mosquitos can carry disease, causing serious lifelong health concerns. There are many different types of mosquito prevention methods and products, and not all of them are effective. We can help you determine the best solutions for you and your household.

It is really never too early to think about mosquito prevention. In fact, you can use prevention methods year round to make sure that the mosquito population on your property never has a chance to grow. Even if you do not use these services in the wintertime, it is important to take advantage of them at the beginning of spring. 

Spring brings fresh rains, and that can mean standing water in your yard that could attract mosquitos. Even before you contact us for mosquito prevention services, you should make sure that there are no sources of standing water that might attract them, making the prevention products less effective.

The sooner you start, the more effective the treatment will be. In addition, if you start early enough you may not see many mosquitos at all, even as the Florida summer gets hot and humid, bringing them out.

If you are interested in our mosquito prevention services, contact us today for more information or an estimate.