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The Newest Mosquito Control Technology

February 10th, 2019

Mosquito Control TechnologyCombating mosquitoes in Florida can seem like a year-round chore that never ends. There are a lot of treatments and pesticides on the market to fight the mosquito population. They all have their advantages and disadvantages, and as mosquito experts, we are familiar with them all. But now, there is a new mosquito control technology that is the most effective treatment yet.

What It Is

The new mosquito control technology is called the In2Care mosquito trap. The trap can be used in water sources and containers, both natural and artificially manufactured. This new technology utilizes a larvicide and a fungus, both of which are environmentally safe to other less harmful insects and humans.

How It Works

In2Care works by planting a fungus and larvicide in water sources where female mosquitoes live and collect water. The fungus kills the adult mosquitoes within a few days. The adult mosquitoes carry the larvicide back to their nest. The larvicide allows eggs to hatch, but they will never make it past the larval stage. The fungus is also carried back to the nest, where it infects other adult mosquitos.


There have been several inquiries into the effectiveness of this new technology. These studies have found that In2Care is the most effective and efficient mosquito control trap when compared to other popular solutions. The studies were done on the two most prominent types of mosquitoes found in Florida. The new mosquito trap is also preferable to other treatments because both the fungus and the larvicide it uses are completely safe for humans, so you can use it near drinking water without fear.

Control Mosquitos Today

If you have been battling mosquitoes, we can help. We make use of this new technology, as well as other methods. As experts in mosquito control, we can make your outdoor space safe and stress-free for parties or every day use. Contact us today for more information.