How Does Weather Affect Insect Problems?

April 10th, 2017

Everything in life is always evolving, including the patterns and behaviors of the insects around your home. Rainy weather can affect the insect problems in your home differently than dry weather or hot weather, so it is important to understand the differences and be prepared.


Unlike warm-blooded humans, insects are actually cold-blooded. This prevents them from regulating their body temperatures internally, so their internal heat is essentially dictated by the outside temperature. This is why flies move so slowly during the winter season, yet seem to zip around at the speed of light during comfortable spring weather. You can expect to see insects most active during the spring and autumn months.


Rather than obtaining their hydration from rainwater, many insects rely upon plants and crops for water. This also makes spring the most active time for insects as blooming plants, flower, and crops offer countless sources of food. With more food come more insects, especially if the weather is mild. Rainy days can also increase the number of insects you see, especially ants. Heavy rain floods ants’ nesting sites, forcing them to search for dry ground like your home. Dry weather, on the other hand, can also encourage pests to enter your home as they search for food and water.

What Does This Mean For You?

Most insects hide away during the winter by either migrating or utilizing freeze-survival techniques. However, since the climate around Tampa, Florida during the winter remains dry and mild, insects are rarely forced to hibernate like they are in northern states. Between the temperature and moisture, you are likely to find many different insects around your yard and attempting to infiltrate your home, especially in the spring.

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