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What You Need to Know About Mosquito Season in Florida

July 20th, 2021

Mosquito Season in FloridaWhat You Need to Know About Mosquito Season

The most important thing to know about mosquito season in Florida is that it never ends! Temperatures here stay warm enough, especially in central and southern Florida, that mosquitos always have the ideal conditions to thrive. In addition to temps over 50°F, mosquitos like areas with:

•  Standing water.

•  Decomposing organic matter.

•  Dark colors.

Keeping mosquitos at bay all year is a daunting task. Since Florida’s climate is ideal for mosquito breeding, a constant supply of the blood-suckers is produced. Not only do they cause itchy bumps wherever they bite, but they also transmit a variety of diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, and the Zika virus. Mosquito-transmitted illnesses are so bad in some areas of Florida that earlier this year, the state released thousands of genetically modified mosquitos in the Florida Keys. The male GM mosquitos mate with females of a mosquito breed that is invasive to Florida, passing along a lethal gene to offspring that causes all the female offspring to die. Trials outside of the US using these GM mosquitos have been incredibly successful. Research shows significant reductions in the mosquito population and mosquito-related disease transmission. However, since the GM mosquitos only target one specific mosquito breed, areas with high rates of other mosquito breeds won’t see a big difference.

So don’t wait for the GM mosquitos to reach your neighborhood before you do something about your mosquito problem. A few things you can try at home to beat back the mosquito population are:

•   Decorate your outdoor spaces with bright colors, and maybe even add a coat of bright white paint.

•   Clean your gutters and drains. Using a screen filter for gutters can save you a lot of work.

•   Remove all standing water around your yard. Mosquitos can lay eggs in small places. Be sure to remove any buckets, flower pots, old tires, or anything else that might accumulate water.

•  Clean up yard debris including grass clippings, compost piles, and dense vegetation.

•  Keep pet water bowls inside.

•  Regularly dump and clean birdbaths and fountains.

If you’re overwhelmed with mosquitos in your outdoor spaces and can’t take anymore, Green Solutions can help. Our lawn care and pest control experts will provide a mosquito-repelling solution that won’t harm your lawn, pets, or children. Call us at (813) 684-7336 to see how we can save your summer from mosquito season today!