Signs You May Have a Rat Infestation

September 10th, 2021

Rat InfestationSigns You May Have a Rat Infestation

Not many things invoke feelings of disgust like the thought of a rat infestation. Rats can have devastating effects on your home, with much of the damage hidden away behind walls and under floors.

If you live in Tampa Bay and see any of the following signs of a rat infestation, contact Green Solutions Lawn Care & Pest Control to schedule a comprehensive inspection of your property as soon as possible:


  • Rat droppings


This is the sign that most homeowners notice first. Small, oval-shaped pellets will start showing up in cabinets, drawers, and pantries. These pellets are often accompanied by the smell of rat urine.


  • Rub marks


Rats are dirty creatures, so you’ll notice any areas where they have to squeeze through frequently. A nasty, black mark will appear as they rub their greasy fur against your walls, appliances, and furniture.


  • Scratching noises


Rats are notorious climbers, so you’ll hear them making their way through your attic, walls, and floors. Any little space where they can climb in and the nest is fair game, and they constantly move around to search for food and water.


  • Holes


Rats will tunnel a hole into insulation, ducts, and drywall to get inside your home. If you see small holes at floor level, you should suspect that rats may be the culprit.


  • Nests


Rats love to steal soft, pillowy items to construct their nests. If you find a collection of fabrics, lint, and other soft things tucked away in or around your house, you may have rats nesting there.


  • Footprints


If you suspect you have a rat infection and think you know where they are entering your home, sprinkle a little flour there at night before bed. Check the flour the next morning, and if you see little footprints, your suspicions are correct.

If you believe you have rats in your home, time is of the essence. It doesn’t take long for them to chew through cable lines, electric wires, and insulation, causing costly damage. Call the rat elimination experts at Green Solutions Lawn Care & Pest Control at (813) 684-7336 or contact us online today to schedule your in-home pest control assessment.