Super-Termite: Is it a Threat to Your Home?

May 05th, 2015

termites Of all the pests that your home might encounter, termites are one of the most problematic. Indeed, it’s thought that these insects cost the US around $5 billion in damages each year; thanks to their habit of eating through wood, which often includes structural supports within your house!

Is the Problem About to Get Worse?

Termites have always been an issue in Florida, and now it seems that the problem might be about to get just that little bit more serious. This is down to the fact that two of Florida’s most problematic termites, the Formosan Subterranean termite and the Asian Subterranean termite, have started cross-breeding. The result? Super Termites that seem to have an even greater appetite for destruction.

The New Termite: The Facts

This new termite is not only capable of eating through wood and cardboard, but can also gnaw through rubber and plastic to reach food. Established colonies tend to number in their millions, which means that once they’re in residence on your property, there are a lot of tiny jaws wreaking havoc.

This termite is capable of damaging houses in the space of 3 months, so it’s highly advisable to call your local pest control company as soon as you suspect you may have a termite problem.

Finding the Resolution

This new breed of termite is regrettably also a faster breeder than its predecessors, which makes it especially important to act quickly before your property suffers any serious damage.

If you suspect that you may have termites on your property, don’t panic! They’re easy to eradicate, providing you have the right equipment for the job. However, this isn’t one to try to handle yourself, as too much is at stake. Instead, get in contact with Green Solutions today by calling 813-684-7336. We’ve got the expertise and know-how to ensure that your property is completely termite-free as quickly as possible.