The Dangers of Common Pest Control Chemicals

March 10th, 2016

pest control 1 Nobody wants spiders, rats, and other unexpected critters taking over their homes. But nobody wants to be poisoned by toxic chemicals, either. The unfortunate truth is that most pest control companies use dangerous chemicals when performing their pest-busting duties. If you can find a pest control company that uses safe and environmentally-friendly products, don’t let them go!

Safety Dangers to Pets and People

Unless your pest control company is careful to only use safe and sustainable products, it’s very likely that they are using chemicals that are very dangerous to your health and the health of your most precious pets and children. Some chemicals are known carcinogens that cause cancer, while others can instigate asthma, developmental issues, and reproductive disabilities.

Risk of Disease

Pesticides are more and more being scientifically linked to the onset of diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, brain cancer, infertility, and birth defects. Contaminants have even been found in the cord blood of newborn babies and in breast milk! It’s frightening to think how far ranging these poisons are, so the last thing you want to do is rely upon a pet control company that will spray the disease-causing toxins right in your yard or home.

Environmental Damage

In addition to causing severe harm to human health, toxic pesticides also hurt the Earth. One simple spray application can spread through the wind, contaminate groundwater, poison fish and wildlife, and place delicate ecosystems in danger. The true environmental risk of these chemicals is demonstrated by the fact that some chemicals banned nearly 40 years ago are still being found in food products today.

The Safe Alternatives

Fortunately for our health and the Earth’s wellbeing, many pest control companies recognize the terrible danger of regular chemicals and now utilize safer alternatives. Door sweeps, detergent water, and non-toxic products stand at the forefront of these safety efforts. These changes are so important to set the stage for a future in which we don’t poison everything standing in our way- eventually the bugs will become far less dangerous than the chemicals infiltrating everything we eat, drink, and breathe!