The Secrets to Successful Mosquito Control

April 10th, 2018

Successful Mosquito Control

Secrets to Successful Mosquito Control

Summer in the south means many things: lazy beach days, humid weather, and yes, mosquitos. If you want to have the freedom to enjoy your deck or patio on warm summer evenings without doubling as a mosquito’s chew toy, it is essential that you schedule pest control services to target and eliminate the mosquitos on and around your property. Here are the secrets you will want to know for truly successful mosquito control.

Remember the Dangers of Mosquitos

We are all familiar with mosquitos that cause itchy, red bumps and temporary discomfort. Children, adults, and pets are all equally vulnerable to mosquito bites. But it is important to remember that mosquitos pose a much larger threat due to the diseases and parasites they sometimes carry. Mosquitos have a history of bringing disease from across the globe into Florida and spreading those diseases through bites: West Nile Virus, Dengue, and Encephalitis, just to name a few. Pest control is key to keeping your family and friends safe.

Target Mosquitoes with Superior Strategies

Not all mosquito control products are created equally. It is best to hire a company that uses products from a company like Syngenta, a worldwide leader in professional pest management. The Demand CS technology used by Syngenta is an advanced formula with a unique capsule suspension to deliver maximum, long-term results.

Syngenta’s active ingredient is enclosed in microcapsules of various sizes. When sprayed into likely mosquito habitats, the smaller microcapsules release the active ingredient quickly for immediate control, while the larger microcapsules remain intact and release the active ingredient later for lasting control. The microcapsule technology even protects the active ingredient from harsh conditions like UV rays and pH extremes that might otherwise degrade its efficiency.

If your pest control company is using a product carefully formulated in this way, you can trust that all mosquitos in your area will be rendered powerless.

Hire a Pest Control Company That Delivers Real Results

When you trust your property’s successful mosquito control to the team at Green Solutions Lawn Care and Pest Control, you will receive customized and thorough care. Green Solutions uses a detailed treatment protocol to reduce your mosquito population. This includes treating all vegetation like trees, bushes, and shrubbery from ground level up to 10 feet. The team at Green Solutions is careful to emphasize the undersides of leaves, foliage, and brush, where mosquitoes like to hide. Call (813) 684-7336 now to schedule your appointment.