Tips for a Healthy Lawn in Any Season

November 01st, 2013

As Americans, we’re a little bit obsessed with maintaining our lawns. And who could blame us? Lawns are one of the first impressions people get of you and your family. Maintaining a healthy lawn is no small undertaking, but with some work and investment, your lawn could be the envy of your neighborhood!

Spring Lawn Care
With the warming of the temperatures comes the beginning of the growing season. Prepare your lawn for the heavy growth it will experience in the coming months.

  • March—Create a healthy growing environment for new grass by mowing, cleaning debris, dethatching, and raking your lawn. Apply pre-emergent weed control products once the soil hits 55 degrees.
  • April—When frost no longer collects on the grass in the mornings, it’s time to begin fertilizing.
  • May—Your grass is reaching the peak of its spring growth cycle. Continue fertilizing, watering, and mowing your lawn. Be sure not to overwater though!

Summer Lawn Care

  • June—Your grass is at the peak of its growth cycle, and so are many of the weeds! It is time to begin a regular herbicide regimen to keep pests from destroying your healthy lawn.
  • July and August—Continue with post emergent weed control products, and be careful not to over-mow your lawn! Taller shoots means deeper roots and healthier grass.

Fall Lawn Care

  • September and October—As the temperatures begin to cool, prepare your grass by beginning to add winterizer to your lawn. You may also want to use special fertilizers designed for just before the temperature drops.
  • November through Winter—Be sure to clear up any debris like leaves, sticks, and nuts or acorns. Grass will soon go into its dormant stage as the temperatures take their final plunge.

Follow these tips and tricks and you will be on your way to having the best lawn on the block! Don’t keep the knowledge a secret though! Tell your friends and loved ones how they can have an amazing, healthy lawn all year long.