Fall Lawn Maintenance in Florida: Tips

October 20th, 2021

Fall Lawn Maintenance in Florida Fall Lawn Maintenance in Florida: Tips

Lawns in Florida can be particularly difficult to maintain due to our extreme heat, high humidity, and extended growing season. Fall lawn care programs for most places don’t cut it here since we don’t have the drop in temperatures that happen farther north. To keep your lawn looking great during the autumn months, follow this fall lawn care guide made especially for your Florida lawn.


Fall Lawn Maintenance Tip #1: Fertilization

Florida’s brutally hot summers can leave your lawn looking dull, so replenish nutrients in early autumn to prevent browning. Luckily, fertilizer restrictions often ease up in the fall. Use a nitrogen-rich fertilizer made for southern lawns as autumn begins for best results. You can also find a fertilizer that does triple duty as a pesticide and selective herbicide.


Fall Lawn Maintenance Tip #2: Watering

As the brutal heat of summer passes, you can start watering your lawn just once per week. Just like fertilizer, watering restrictions often ease during the fall. Cover your lawn in an even ¾” of water for best results from fall through spring. Even better, you can install an automatic sprinkler system to guarantee your lawn gets the exact amount of water it needs!


Fall Lawn Maintenance Tip #3: Mowing

Your lawn’s growth will slow as summer turns to fall. Many homeowners reduce their mowing to just once or twice per month during the autumn months. For the best-looking lawn possible, wait until your grass is 5-6” tall, and cut off only 2” or less at a time. Use extra sharp mower blades to reduce damage and improve lawn health.


Fall Lawn Maintenance Tip #4: Weeding

If you use high-quality grass seed or sod that develops a thick root mat, weeds won’t be so much of a problem during the fall. For weeds that still find a way through to the surface, selective herbicides can be used. One spray of weed killer in the fall should do you well all the way through until spring.


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