What are the Worst Pests of the Season?

August 20th, 2016

roaches Pests are never welcomed with open arms into a home, yard, or community, and it seems this season that different areas are fighting various pests more than ever before. From roaches to wasps, why is this season so much worse?

Roaches in California

Pest control experts out on the west coast, some with more than three decades of experience, are insisting that this is the worst roach infiltration they’ve ever seen. This may be due to the rise in severe droughts hitting California. Cockroaches, desperate for water, are now more likely to head toward homes with sprinklers, pools, and water leaks. Pest control companies are having trouble fitting in new appointments, sometimes forced to make clients wait weeks before they can be seen.

Until the experts arrive, it is recommended to keep roaches away by placing lining underneath all exterior doors and plugging sinks and drains when they are not in use. Some homes need to be serviced once a month or more to fully eliminate the cockroach population.

Wasps in Denver

The Denver metro area is dealing with a major growth in the wasp population. The pests are invading homes and stores after evading traps and baits set of shelves. Wasps are able to create their nests in the smallest nooks and crannies, so residents and business owners are finding them in the cracks and crevices of homes and gardens, even in places like light fixtures and aluminum siding. The wasp problem peaks during the summer due to the hot weather. They are normally very territorial insects, and that instinct only grows stronger as the summer continues.

Wasps inspire fear in nearly everybody because their stings cause so much pain. They can even be deadly to humans and pets if they’re allergic to wasp venom, though it’s unusual to be in danger after only a single bite. Fortunately, pest control companies are well equipped to get rid of wasp nests and help homeowners and businesses feel safer.