Which Mosquitoes are Most Common in Florida?

May 20th, 2018


Which Mosquitoes are Most Common in Florida?

The word “mosquito” conjures the same reaction as “root canal” or “jury duty.” It’s a virtually unavoidable part of life, but miserable to encounter nonetheless. This is especially true in Florida, where many different mosquito species thrive in the hot and humid climate. Every species can certainly bite and irritate your skin, but only 33 cause pest problems and just 13 have the potential to make you sick. Here is a quick rundown of the mosquitoes you are most likely to encounter in the Sunshine State.

The House Mosquito

House mosquitoes like Culex Pipiens like to breed and gather in polluted standing water like storm drains, pet dishes, and old tires. The female mosquito is capable of laying up to 400 eggs at one time! Once these mosquitoes infest themselves on your property, only professional pest control services can eliminate them.

Southern Mosquito

As the name suggests, southern mosquitoes are very common in tropical and subtropical regions like Florida. They share physical and behavioral aspects of the house mosquito but are especially prevalent in Florida. These nighttime feeders are the primary vector of encephalitis virus and can also transmit West Nile virus. Keeping them under control is essential for your family’s health.

Yellow Fever Mosquito

You probably recognize the mosquito species Aedes Aegypti. This species is notorious for transmitting yellow fever. Though it is fortunately on the decline overall, it is still commonly found in Florida’s urban areas and cities along the coast.

Asian Tiger Mosquito

This mosquito is similar in nature to the Aedes Aegypti and can be identified by bright white or silver stripes on its body. The Asian tiger mosquito is a daytime feeder, so it attacks even before dusk when you think you might be safe from bites. Females are aggressive biters. They lay eggs in clean standing water, especially birdbaths and flowerpots. Though they are weak flyers, they can still function as vectors of dengue and other viruses within the half mile they travel from their original breeding site.

Ask the Experts to Safeguard Your Property From mosquitoes

Some things make great DIY projects, but keeping your property safeguarded from bothersome mosquitoes isn’t one of them. For the best results, reach out to a family-friendly and environmentally-conscious company like Green Solutions Lawn Care and Pest Control. Call   813-684-7336 to schedule your first treatment and take control of your backyard once again.