Why is Lawn Aeration Important?

March 20th, 2016

zoysia grass tampa If you want a truly beautiful lawn that grows as lush and green as possible, mowing isn’t enough. You also need to maintain lawn aeration, but that process isn’t as well known to most homeowners. Here is what you need to know!

Defining Aeration

When you aerate your lawn, you perforate the soil with small holes. These holes allow air, water, and vital nutrients to seep deeper into the roots of the grass. It’s similar to a person using an IV to receive vitamins and minerals when sick: the important nutrients go straight to the core to produce a stronger lawn with deeper roots.

The Benefits of Aeration

As explained above, aeration helps the water, air, and nutrients needed by the grass to be absorbed more efficiently. This is crucial for the highest quality grass to grow. Aeration also prevents soil from becoming compacted, a measure that matters so much to make sure that soil doesn’t reject the air, water, and nutrients it receives. Especially when your lawn is covered in organic debris, the roots of the grass need some way to access everything above the surface so that they don’t starve and die.

Signs Your Lawn Needs to be Aerated

If your yard gets heavy use from children, pets, and guests, then the soil under the grass is most likely hard and compacted. Aeration would work well to help the grass roots receive the nutrition and fertilization it needs to thrive. Grass established by sod also needs aeration because the soil layering that occurs with sod installation can cause compaction and poor root development. Aeration is a great way to prevent any problems before they begin.

Details About Aeration

Aeration is best done during the growing season. If your yard contains cool season grass, then aerate in early spring or fall. However, if you have warm season grass, the late spring is the better time to aerate.

Spike and plug aerators are both available to do this process yourself, but you could also call a landscaping maintenance company to do the work for you. They are experts who know the best strategies and can guide you with tips to nurture the most beautiful yard.