Fire Ants

"Do you have a problem with fire ants?  Do you see large mounds of dirt in the yard?"

You might notice that once stepped on, the mounds of dirt boil over with thousands of angry red fire ants.  Most likely these are known as red imported fire ants, or Solenopsis invicta Buren to use their scientific name.  There is also another type of fire ant that is less problematic known as Solenopsis geminata Fabricius, the tropical fire ant, or native fire ant.

If the mounds are disturbed ants aggressively come out of the mound and attack anyone or anything nearby.  They bite and sting their victims in a very painful manner.  The next day a white pustual usually appears where the sting took place.  It is not uncommon for victims of a fire ant attack to have dozen or even hundreds of bites.  Adding to the severity and misery of a fire ant attack is the potential for an allergic reaction in the victim.  We all know allergic reactions can end in tragedy in the worst of cases.  Fire ant bites can indeed be very dangerous if not miserable.

fire ants

Nests can often be found under patio slabs, in between pavers, near sidewalks, in flower beds, under slabs, or even in electrical boxes.

It is not uncommon for fire ants to move to high ground during periods of heavy rain.  This movement can drive fire ants into the home.  Children and pets can become easy victims of these little nuisance ants.  Fire ants are the last pest that you want wandering around you family's resting places in the home.

Controlling the red imported fire ant or the native fire ant for a home owner is not as easy as you might think. Simply treating the fire ant mounds with a chemical drench or boiling water is rarely effective at permanently removing the pest. Unfortunately mound treatments alone typically only cause the mounds to relocate to an area nearby.  Conventional methods of spraying pesticides to control the mounds is a futile effort too.  The only real way to control them is to broadcast baits or other insecticide materials across the property in its entirety.

At Green Solutions Lawn Care & Pest Control we have a better way to control fire ants.  We are so confident in our control measures that we offer a 12 month re-treatment guarantee.  That means that once we treat we provide free re-treatments if fire ants return within 12 months of the application.  Best of all, we use a product made by Bayer, the aspirin people.

Take the sting out of fire ant problems.  Let the professional pest control operators at Green Solutions give you peace of mind so that your kids and pets can play in the yard with out fear of a fire ant attack.  Don't let fire ants keep you from having a picnic in your yard any more.  From South Tampa to FishHawk and Carrollwood to Wesley Chapel, we can control your fire ant problems.

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