When Will We Finally Be Free of Mosquitos for the Year?

October 20th, 2020

While most of the country gets to enjoy an abatement from mosquitoes by this time of year, you might still be finding yourself slapping them away while enjoying a social distancing visit at your home in Tampa. When will we finally be rid of them for the year?

Unfortunately, Florida has an extremely long rainy season that usually lasts from about June through October. This rainy season is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes due to the standing water and high temperatures. But even from November to May, it is always over 50 degrees, and there seems to be standing water somewhere attracting them. Read more

No Cat? Here's How You Can Rid Your Home of Rodents

October 10th, 2020

If you’re lucky enough to have a cat, you probably don’t worry much about rodents. But if you are one of the many homeowners who doesn’t have a mouser on staff, you’re going to have to find other ways to rid yourself of rodent infestations. Here are some of the best things that you can do to get rid of mice once and for all.

Determine patterns and make a layout of the house.

This is war, and you need a battle plan. Mice always have patterns that they run in, and once you figure it out you’ll know the best places to put your traps. Drawing out a layout of the house gives you a blank slate to note the patterns that you are tracking. When the time comes to strike, you’ll know when and where. Read more

6 Types of Ants Commonly Found in Florida

September 20th, 2020

Did you know that there are over 10,000 types of ants all over the world? Even though a lot of ants look the same or very similar, they can actually be very different. Florida has a tropical climate that certain ant species like to call home. Here are the six species of ants you are likely to find in Florida.

Fire ants

You really don’t want to play around with fire ants. These biting ants can leave behind a stinging bite mark on the skin that can be uncomfortable at best. Many people are allergic to fire ants. But if you have never encountered them, you won’t know if you have an allergy. It is best to avoid them altogether, and this is one reason you should get a professional to identify and eliminate pests from your home. Read more

Fall Pest Prevention Tips

September 10th, 2020

Even though you may not notice pest infestations until the winter months when they become more obvious, pests actually start trying to enter your home in the fall. In order to protect your family and household from common pests that can affect the cleanliness of your home, follow these prevention tips.


Termites are a year-round concern in the state of Florida. You really never get a reprieve from these pests. The only way to prevent damage to your home is to use a regular termite prevention treatment. We are able to offer several different solutions depending on your needs. Read more

Common Signs of June Bug Infestation and What to Do

August 20th, 2020

It happens at least once every summer. You’re sitting out on your porch enjoying the cool summer night air, when suddenly something small and roundish smacks your face. Were you hit by your neighbor’s Nerf gun? Nope, it’s just a June bug! June bugs are very annoying because they are drawn to the light and warmth of your home. But even though they are harmless to you and your pets, they can be a danger to your lawn, garden, and trees.

Why Do June Bugs Matter?

June bugs live on vegetation, and they can consume very large amounts. They also breed quickly and can overtake your property in no time at all. The longer the June bugs are on your property and the larger their colony is allowed to swell, the more damage your lawn will sustain. It could be potentially devastating and definitely expensive. Read more

How Large Aggressive Mosquitoes May Decrease Local Mosquito Populations (Psorophora ciliata)

August 10th, 2020

Did you know that the most annoying and aggressive mosquitoes in Florida are actually being used to eliminate other mosquito populations? Here’s why this bizarre mosquito control method can actually work and why the method still needs some work.

What Are Psorophora Ciliata Mosquitos?

These mosquitoes are actually among the most aggressive of those species commonly found in Florida. Most homeowners are quick to take action when these mosquitoes arrive on their property. They are actually better known as gallinippers, and the bites from these huge insects are quite painful. Read more

How June Bugs Can Damage Your Well Manicured Lawn

July 20th, 2020

June bugs scare small children, irritate front porch sitters, and generally cause mayhem. Even though these insects are completely harmless to humans and animals, you still need to get rid of them as soon as possible. June bugs can damage your lawn, landscaping features, and gardens in short order.

Adult June Bugs Damage Trees and Grass

Adult June bugs that infest your property can cause a lot of damage to trees and grass, as well as other plants on your property. They can eat at the leaves and bury themselves in the soil. They can cause brown patches of grass in your lawn, and they can damage the bark of trees, making them more susceptible to disease or rot. Read more

Why Routine Maintenance of Pest Control Measures Is Necessary

July 10th, 2020

In the middle of the summer, pest control is a service that you can easily see a need for. With the hot, humid summer months come many different pests that might invade your home or lawn. The most common pests that you see a lot of might include ants, cockroaches, mice, termites, and mosquitoes. 

But there is a big problem with waiting until you see an infestation to treat it. You should actually have year-round maintenance of your pest control measures to ensure that you don’t get an expensive infestation. Here is what you need to know. Read more

Pests That Usually Invade Your Home and When to Take Action

June 20th, 2020

Most people don’t like bugs of any kind, but they cannot be escaped. Some insects are more likely to invade your home than others. Most of these pests are going to be more prevalent in the spring and summer.


Americans across the country cringe when they see a cockroach. It is the most common and the most dreaded of all household pests. Roaches are nocturnal and prefer dark spaces. By the time you see one roach, you likely have a major infestation. Contact an exterminator right away. Read more

How to Check for Termites

June 10th, 2020

Are you a homeowner suspicious of possible termite activity? Checking for termites is a must a few times per year. You should look for signs of termites every spring, summer, and fall, as different species swarm at different times of the year. Contact a termite professional at least once per year for a termite inspection and use the tips below to monitor your home the rest of the year.

Check windowsills and closed doors for alates

Alates are mature, winged termites seeking to find and build their own nest. It can be difficult to  distinguish these alates from winged ants. Most alates are active in the spring, but some species are prevalent in other seasons. They will be trying to get out of the house, so look along windowsills and closed doors. Read more