How to Prepare Your Lawn for a Healthy Growing Season

September 01st, 2013

Spring’s warm breeze and sunny skies inspire us to make home improvements. Because of this, spring is the beginning of DIY season. One of America’s favorite ways of improving their homes is by working on the health of their lawns. According to the Professional Lawn Care Association of America, Americans spend nearly $6.4 billion dollars a year on lawn care!

If you are looking to improve the health of their lawn this spring, be sure to make great use of these tips for a healthier lawn this spring.

Clean and Repair Your Lawn

  • Improve the grading of your lawn—Low spots cause poor drainage, and high spots are often cut too close by routine mowing. Grading is the process of leveling a landscape. There are dozens of landscapers in your area that can help you out, or you can do it yourself.
  • Watch out for soil compaction—Ever notice that high traffic areas tend to have less grass? More often than not the culprit is compaction. If you think that this is the case, aerating your lawn is the solution.

Plant Grass or Lay Down Sod

  • Choose sod or seed—Seeding your lawn is a good option if your lawn needs spot repairs. If your lawn seems beyond repair, consider laying down sod. Sod is well-established grass raised by professionals and installed in your yard.
  • Educate yourself on grass varieties—Grasses are resilient plants, but differ in their adaptability. Keep your climate and sun exposure in mind when choosing between grass options.

Prepare Your Grass for a Healthy Growing Season

  • Get your soil tested—Sometimes our lawn has trouble growing because the soil is lacking in nutrients. Your local landscaper can help you resolve these issues.
  • Fertilize your grass—Fertilizer will help your lawn grow thick and lush. However, if not used properly, they can actually damage the grass! Slow release nitrogen fertilizers are best.
  • Utilize herbicides—Herbicides are good at getting rid of the pests and weeds that interfere with a healthy lawn. Visit a local nursery to find out which herbicides will be best for your lawn.

Enjoy a healthy green lawn this summer. Be smart about your lawn care and in no time you will be the envy of your neighbors!